Popular K-pop girl group GFriend bids farewell to fans after 6 years

Popular K-pop girl group GFriend bids farewell to fans after 6 years

by Pranali Mehta

Gfriend, a South Korean six-member group launched by Source Music in 2015 has reportedly bid farewell to its fans following the termination of contract with the its longtime agency. Source Music mentioned that the contract will end on Saturday (22 May).

The label, which was reportedly acquired by K-pop powerhouse Hybe in 2019, stated that the group has agreed to go on separate paths after profound consideration.

The group's six members - Sowon, Eunha, Yerin, Yuju, Umji, and SinB have reportedly posted handwritten notes on the fan community Weverse as part of acknowledging the termination.

Leader of the group, Sowon stated that Gfriend has officially coming to an end, however it does not imply their end. Meanwhile, Yuju thanked the fan base for their commendable support and has promised to show growth in the future.

The group members suggested that they will continue being in the entertainment industry. SinB stated that the group will pay back their gratitude with individual activities, while Eunha pledged that she will try to perform wherever she is.

The group had been active on the social media until recently and did not appear to show any signs of the termination of the contract. Considering which, this latest announcement has greatly astonished the fans.

Thousands of fans reportedly left comments on Sowon's message posted on Weverse.

Since its debut, GFriend, whose Korean name translates to "girlfriend” has reportedly released numerous hits like "Rough", "Me Gustas Tu" and "Navillera."

According to the credible sources, GFriend which is in its seventh year is not the only K-pop act to part ways prior to seven-year anniversary.

South Korea's fair-trade watchdog has suggested that the management agencies should sign exclusive seven-year contract with its celebrities.

Numerous K-pop have acts have reportedly been disbanded after failing to renew the contracts with their respective agencies and after the group members inked individual contracts with new agencies.

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