Prodigy declares launch of novel logic analyzer for embedded systems

Prodigy declares launch of novel logic analyzer for embedded systems

by Nandita Bhardwaj

Prodigy Technovations Pvt. Ltd, an Indian technology company involved in developing advanced protocol analysis solutions, has recently announced the release of its innovative logic analyzer-PGY-LA-EMBD for Embedded Interfaces. According to the company, this new product offering has been designed specifically for addressing the challenges faced by embedded design teams pertaining to design validation, verification and testing. 

As per several reports, the biggest challenge encountered by embedded design teams is the integration of hardware and software i.e., system level insights required for proper functioning of the product which requires simultaneous monitoring of embedded interfaces such as SPI, I2C and UART to view system level operation. This has now compelled  designers to make use of multiple test equipment in sequential way to curb the design challenges, leading to longer design verification, validation and testing cycles.  

For the records, the PGY-LA-EMBD Logic Analyzer for embedded interfaces has been claimed to have following features: 


  • 10 Channel Logic Analyzer
  • 1GS/s Timing Analysis
  • 100-Megahertz State Analysis
  • Simultaneous protocol decoding on SPI, I2C and UART
  • Continuous streaming of data allowing long duration capture and analysis
  • Powerful trigger capabilities facilitating capturing of data at particular events


Today, advancements in embedded designs are being largely driven by IOT, consumer electronics, healthcare and industrial automation. The present embedded designs are becoming more complex due to large software content, edge computing and incorporation of artificial intelligence capabilities to address next generation needs demanding need for highly sophisticated tools.


About Prodigy Technovations:


Based in Bangalore, India, Prodigy Technovations is the leading provider of innovative protocol analysis solutions for mainstream as well as emerging technologies. It is involved in providing protocol decoding and PHY layer testing solutions on Test & Measurements equipment. Besides, Prodigy Technovations is a member of Open Alliance, JEDEC, MIPI, SD Association as well as PCIe associations and is actively working with prominent industry players and redefining the protocol analysis for mainstream and emerging interfaces.


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