PTTEP to award seismic reprocessing contracts to CGG Geoscience unit

PTTEP to award seismic reprocessing contracts to CGG Geoscience unit

by Nandita Bhardwaj

PTTEP has reportedly tapped Subsurface Imaging, a part of the CGG Geoscience division, for two-largescale seismic reprocessing contracts.  With the renowned high-end imaging technology and robust processing experience of CGG in Southeast Asia, PTTEP is aiming to rejuvenate pre-existing data sets from two offshore Malaysia locations.

Throughout the next year, merged reprocessing of surveys from myriad vintages, such as OBC seismic and towed-streamer data from offshore Sarawak and Sabah will be conducted by CGG, via its Kuala Lumpur offices. These fast-track products are anticipated by mid-2021, with final workstation product delivery expected by the end of next year.

PTTEP is investing in the high-quality imaging technology with the aim of achieving better producing reservoir definition, enhancing drilling & planning of future wells, and generating new plays for near-field exploration at deeper levels. The region is known to have a highly faulted complex subsurface, with target reservoirs on existing data sets being masked by scattered gas bodies.

In an effort to unmask this gas wipeout, image bounding faults and mitigate reservoir level distortions, CGG will implement its new workflow, including its patented imaging technologies. These technologies including LS-Q Kirchhoff PSDM, HF-FWI (high-frequency full-wavefield Time-Lag FWI) and LS-Q RTM have been honed over several similar projects. The primary focus of these technologies is to enhance deeper exploration target imaging, with the aim of achieving better resolution, amplitude and continuity in mini-basins, and defining steeply dipping folds under the main unconformity.

CGG CEO Sophie Zurquiyah has expressed her anticipation towards lending support to PTTEP, which has been a long-standing client of CGG, and is a major player in Malaysia as well as the wider region. According to Zurquiyah, PTTEP places keen focus on extracting additional value from existing data sets using the latest imaging algorithms from CGG for processing. She further commented that CGG is continuing its legacy as the leading provider of sophisticated seismic imaging technology, and highest-quality services to clients seeking solutions for complex imaging problems in order to de-risk existing reservoir development, enhance production and identify novel prospects.

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