Renault confirms new compact 4ever EV under its EV expansion plan

Renault confirms new compact 4ever EV under its EV expansion plan

by Pranali Mehta

Renault, the renowned French automobile manufacturer, has reportedly confirmed that it will launch a new retro-styled compact electric car dubbed ‘4ever’, which will join the MeganE and Renault 5 as one of ten new electric cars to be introduced by 2025.

During an online event called ‘ElectroPop’, Renault Head, Luca de Meo, acknowledged the company’s long-speculated plans to revive the Renault 4, which was built from 1961 to 1994. Renault also disclosed fresh details on how it aims to get up to 90% of its European sales entirely with EVs by 2030.

Although De Meo revealed details about the 4ever at the same event sparingly, it is expected to be comparable in size to the 5 and employ the same CMF-BEV compact vehicle platform as well.

According to reports, unlike the 5, which is envisioned as a sporty hatchback, the 4ever is expected to be a small crossover. Design head, Gilles Vidal, supported this statement by stating that it will have the same retro-modern appearance as the 5.

Both the 5 and 4ever will feature Renault Group's latest battery and electric motor technology, which the company claims will reduce the cost of small electric vehicles. Renault believes that by using this technology on the CMF-BEV platform, it will be able to decrease the cost of the 5 by 33% as compared to Renault Zoe, which is similar in size. Prices of Renault Zoe begin at £27,505, suggesting a starting price of about £18,500 for the 5 when it launches in 2023.

Meanwhile, the firm has also confirmed that Alpine, the performance brand of the group, will introduce its first electric vehicle in 2024.

During the event, De Meo stated that the Zoe will be phased out of manufacturing after its lifespan expires in 2024. There is presently no direct replacement, but it will naturally be overtaken by the cars which the company has shown in the event so Renault would not have a gap in its product portfolio.

In coming times, Renault Group will be centering its electric car manufacturing operations on its new ‘ElectriCity' base in northern France, which includes three facilities. The Renault 5 and MeganE, as well as the 4ever, will most likely be built there.

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