Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods, Mike McCarley partner to form TMRW Sports

Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods, Mike McCarley partner to form TMRW Sports

by Sakina Raj

Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy, two golf icons, have reportedly planned to enter the entertainment and technology market with a new startup called TMRW Sports, which they claim will offer progressive solutions to sports, entertainment, and media.

The two are collaborating on the project alongside seasoned sports media executive Mike McCarley, and former NBC Sports chairman Dick Ebersol is an investor.

McCarley was the former president of NBC Sports golf and global strategy, where he oversaw the firm's golf portfolio, which included Golf Channel. Prior to that, he was a senior vice president at NBC Sports.

Although McCarley noted that the company has many exciting initiatives in development.  However, plans about what TNRW Sports will be developing, remain discreet.

In a statement, Woods noted that he hoped to use the project to create a brighter future for the coming generations of sports lovers and harness technology to provide new perspectives on the sports that everyone loves.

McIlroy stated that the new venture could shape how media and technology enhance the sports experience. The aim is to make sports more approachable for as many individuals as possible in an age where technology gives us so many options for occupying our time.

Additional partners and investors in TMRW Sports, along with its projects, will be disclosed later.

Notably, in their professional careers, athletes are progressively searching outside of the courts, fields, courses, and rinks.

Tom Brady, a former NFL star, is a partner in the entertainment firm named 199 Productions and Religion of Sports, a company that creates content related to sports. Tennis player Noami Osaka is creating her own media and entertainment firm, Hana Kuma, with support from SpringHill, which is owned by LeBron James and just secured financing at a valuation of around $725 million.

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