S2C launches Quad 10M Prodigy Logic System with four 10 GX 10M FPGAs

S2C launches Quad 10M Prodigy Logic System with four 10 GX 10M FPGAs

by Pranali Mehta

Leading provider of FPGA-based prototyping solutions, S2C, has reportedly launched its new Quad 10M Prodigy Logic System equipped with four Stratix 10 GX 10M FPGAs. The Stratix 10 GX 10M FPGA is the largest capability FPGA device at the global level comprising various features such as 3,456 DSP blocks, 10.2M Logic Elements, and 253Mb M20K memory.

According to Toshio Nakama, the CEO of S2C, the company has been consistently furnishing the easiest-to-use and the highest capacity rapid prototyping solutions. He has further stated that the company is thrilled to introduce its new Quad 10M Prodigy Logic System which is so far the largest capacity in the company’s Prodigy product family. The system is equipped to essentially address the silicon development for autonomous driving, data center, and 5G wireless communication, added Nakama.

For the uninitiated, S2C is a leading provider of FPGA prototyping solutions for current innovative ASIC/SoC designs. The company has been a successful provider of rapid SoC prototyping solutions since the year 2003. SoC has installed over 3,000 systems till date and has a wide customer base of more than 500. The company has an extensive network of sales representatives with offices located in Europe, US, Korea, Mainland China, Japan, and Taiwan.

The Quad 10M Prodigy Logic System comes with four Intel 10M FPGAs in a single chassis having unified control and power module. The escalating scale of SoC design requires an enhanced FPGA prototyping capability in pre-silicon verifications. The system’s newly designed control module has been provided with a built-in debug hardware that allows high-performance deep trace capacity for numerous FPGA devices without extra peripherals.

Further, the new Quad 10M Prodigy Logic System has an attractive cost-per-gate pricing and is a remarkable prototyping solution equivalent to 300 million ASIC gates. The system provides seamless working with other Prodigy prototyping components comprising, Prodigy Multi-Debug Module, Prodigy Player Pro software, and Prodigy ProtoBridge to deliver deep-trace debug, unrivaled configuration, partitioning, and co-modeling capabilities, cite sources.


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