Samsung offers mentoring, career support program to Korean students

Samsung offers mentoring, career support program to Korean students

by Pranali Mehta

Samsung Electronics, the South Korean electronics giant, has reportedly offered a unique opportunity for the country’s middle school students to think about what they want to do with their life by having them consult with its employees, who would listen to their worries and give advice.

As per reliable sources, at the site of the tech company's headquarters, Suwon City, a group of 25 students from the second grade of the Cheorwon Middle School, located in Gangwon Province, took part in Samsung's corporate social responsibility (CSR) program, called Samsung Dream Class 2.0.

As part of Samsung's corporate social responsibility program, the Dream Class focused on career-oriented education. The company introduced the 2.0 Dream Class program in 2021 so that it could close the opportunities gap by not just offering basic educational programs like math or English, but also providing more opportunities for development, including career path design.

A spokesperson of the company stated that during the meetings between employees of Samsung and the middle school students, students were given the opportunity to ask questions about the careers of these Samsung employees, who would in turn share their experiences and give advice.

The spokesperson further added that the students asked questions such as ‘what would they need to become an IT developer?’ Or ‘what are the responsibilities of your department?’ were asked to Noh Eun-jung, an engineer working for the firm’s mobile platform center in the MX division.  

Meanwhile, one student, Lee Joon-seo, while expressing interest in becoming an artificial intelligence (AI) developer, was worried that there aren’t many Artificial Intelligence departments in the region’s local universities.

In response, Noh stated that AI-related work does not require a university major in AI technology, highlighting the fact that Samsung Electronics has staff members from diverse fields such as computer, mechanical, electrical, and data engineering that work together on AI development.

In addition, she advised students to discover and focus on what they enjoy and are good at first and then choose the professional area that will help them to find a lot of opportunities.

Kim Hae-hyub, another mentor working in Samsung's MX division stated that his role as a mentor for dream class is to help students become aware of their potential and open doors to possibilities while they are still young.

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