ScentAir launches an all-new e-commerce platform and diffuser

ScentAir launches an all-new e-commerce platform and diffuser

by Nandita Bhardwaj

Scent marketing leader, ScentAir Technologies LLC has announced that it has officially launched a new commercial e-commerce storefront. With this launch, ScentAir has made their signature commercial diffusion technology as well as commercial-quality fragrances available for purchases online. Incidentally, the launch comes in line with the release of the ScentAir Whisper PRO, the company’s latest scent delivery system.

As per sources familiar with the knowledge of the matter, the new e-commerce store will allow all businesses, irrespective of size or industry, to subscribe to a monthly scent marketing service that features their innovative diffusion technology and popular commercial-grade fragrances. With this launch, even businesses operating out of the most remote parts of the United States will now be able to implement ScentAir.

Speaking on the company’s most recent scent delivery system, the ScentAir Whisper PRO is the latest in the firm’s portfolio of smart fragrance delivery systems. It is ultra-quiet and has a patented airflow design that allows for maximum fragrance diffusion.

It also boasts of flexible system placement options – the ScentAir Whisper PRO is suitably customized for small spaces. In addition, the system fills close to 1,000 sq ft with commercial-grade fragrance, generating highly targeted scent experience.

Logan Andres, Vice President, Products & Marketing, ScentAir, has reportedly claimed that the company has the capacity to transform a surviving business into a thriving one. The firm’s goal was to make ScentAir more accessible, said Andres, adding that the new online storefront will thus make it easy for franchisees and business owners to bring forth the industry leading fragrance technology to their business.

As per reliable sources, ScentAir Whisper PRO is rather simple to manage and has exciting new connected technology. Its Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functionality enable users to monitor their systems with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, the ScentAir smartphone app, or the ScentAir online portal,

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