Sequana announces positive interim results from RED DESERT study

Sequana announces positive interim results from RED DESERT study

by Nandita Bhardwaj

Sequana Medical has reportedly announced strong interim results from the first five patients registered in its RED DESERT study. The research focuses on the assessment of continual dose treatment of alfapump Direct Sodium Removal amongst patients diagnosed with diuretic-resistant heart failure.

Reports cite that the restoration of diuretic response as an explanatory endpoint of the study has been achieved through a six-hour long excretion of sodium and fluid, carried out after intravenously administering 40mg of furosemide. The RED DESERT recorded all patients to have a fairly poor diuretic response at the baseline.

However, following a six-week study, the response was back to near normal levels with the six-hour sodium excretion more than twice as compared to the baseline. A remarkable durability was also registered in the improvement in diuretic responsiveness over the course of the study. But there was a dramatic reduction in majority of patients for loop diuretic needs lasting months after the completion of alfapump Direct Sodium Removal therapy.

According to Ian Crosbie, the Chief Executive Officer of Sequana Medical, the company is thrilled by these interim results and believes that fluid balance has been managed for the first time in heart failure patients by the utilization of persistent dose DSR therapy without the requirement for diuretics. He has further stated that this data backs the underlying principle of Direct Sodium Removal that following the removal of sodium, the body will step in to accurately and quickly remove the free water required for restoring the serum sodium concentration.

This data also suggests that by deploying alfapump Direct Sodium Removal, the company can manage the sodium and fluid balance of these patients, opening up possible opportunities comprising haemodialysis and renal failure. Sequana is confident of continuing to lead the way in the deployment of alfapump Direct Sodium Removal for the purpose of managing volume overload in an array of indicators, after the allowance of its fundamental patents in both Europe and the U.S., added Crosbie.


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