SpaceX’s Starlink cuts monthly subscription prices by half for some

SpaceX’s Starlink cuts monthly subscription prices by half for some

by Sakina Raj

Starlink, an internet-from-space service run by SpaceX, owned by the American billionaire Elon Musk, has reportedly informed its users about the reduction in monthly subscription fees owing to local market conditions.

Apparently, users in the Netherlands  have received notifications stating that the monthy subscription charges for their Starlink RV service have been reduced to €105 a month from €124  a month, effective August 24th.

The price reduction is appreciated at a time when most things are becoming costlier due to inflation. The announcement states that the price adjustment is led by the change in the local market dynamics and is intended to demonstrate purchase power parity throughout all customers.

Other Starlink users are reporting similar discounts being offered across the world. For example, a customer from the UK noted a difscount in their monthly fee to £75 (down from £89), a customer from Mexico saw a reduction to $1,100 (down from $2,299 MXN), as well as a customer from Germany saw a price drop to €80 (down from €100).

Customers in Brazil and Chile have noticed price reductions of approximately 50%. A quick look through Starlink's respective service websites in each nation backs up the above findings.

There is less clarity over the scenario in the US, where the dollar has been rising with respect to other currencies. A customer from Nevada claims to have received a discount of $85 (down from $110), but Starlink's website still reflects a monthly subscription fee of $110 following a one-time $599 payment for the hardware kit. A number of other users from the United States allege to have received no discount on monthly subscription prices.

As of now, no signs are pointing toward speed reduction or the implementation of strict data limits following the discount on the subscription fee.

T-Mobile and SpaceX are expected to host a joint ever later on August 25th, where Elon Musk may announce plans about enhancing connectivity. However, anticipations whether the event is related to the changed cost remain unclear.

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