Spotify to invest $100M towards content from underrepresented creators

Spotify to invest $100M towards content from underrepresented creators

by Pranali Mehta

Spotify, the leading Swedish media and audio streaming services provider, has reportedly announced that it will invest more than $100 million towards the development, licensing, as well as marketing of audio content and music from groups that have been historically marginalized groups.

According to reports, the proposed amount is the same Spotify had paid American commentator and podcaster, Joe Rogan, for an exclusive content deal.

Speaking of Joe Rogan, the streaming platform has been in hot waters lately as public outcry against Rogan’s content, which supposedly has played a role in spreading vaccine misinformation. The outcry has also been personally directed towards Rogan, for using harmful and derogatory racial slurs in previous podcast episodes, with calls for Spotify to de-platform the media personality increasing.

The newly proposed $100 million investment from Spotify seems to be embroiled in these developments as CEO, Daniel Ek, supposedly made the announcement through the same company memo that was sent out to address the subject of the Joe Rogan Podcast.

More than 70 of the Joe Rogan Podcast episodes in question have been deleted from Spotify since the memo went out, with Ek stating that he does not believe that silencing Rogan would be the answer.

Ek added that there should be clear lines around content and actions should be taken when those lines are crossed. However, canceling peoples voices is a very slippery slope.

Ek elaborated that while looking at the problem from a broader perspective, it is critical thinking as well as open debate that fosters real and necessary progress.

The memo specified that Spotify is also thinking about additional steps it can take to effectively balance out creator expression while also maintaining user safety. Ek wrote that he has asked the Spotify team to expand the overall number of outside experts the platform can consult with regards to these efforts and is looking forward to sharing additional details soon.

Despite the company’s ongoing PR nightmare, Spotify has noticeably not lost much of its industry share when compared to some other streaming services.

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