Thermo Fisher introduces SpeciMAX kit for safe saliva collection

Thermo Fisher introduces SpeciMAX kit for safe saliva collection

by Pranali Mehta

Thermo Fisher, an American firm offering scientific instruments and software services, has reportedly introduced SpeciMAX Stabilized Saliva Collection Kit. The device has been designed to collect saliva for research purposes in a safe manner.

For safer specimen collection, the Stabilized Saliva Collection Kit retains viral nucleic acids inside a harmless stabilization solution that inhibits the activity of common respiratory viruses. The package includes a spill-resistant funnel, a screw cover to preserve the specimen after collection, and a standard size tube that fits perfectly into viral RNA extraction automated processes for high throughput specimen processing.

The stabilized solution is non-hazardous, contains no guanidinium to minimize bleach contact, and is suitable with all disinfection methods. The stabilizing agent can keep nucleic acid in samples of saliva for up to 14 days at room temperature for viral nucleic acid and RNA, and up to 2 years for gDNA.

According to General Manager and VP of Sample Preparation, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Ellie Mahjubi, laboratories require a non-invasive and non-hazardous collecting kit that fits with their existing instruments. In this case, SpeciMAX Stabilized Saliva Collection Kits have emerged out to be compatible with downstream automation work processes, which helps to minimize the time and costs of viral research.

The new kit works in tandem with Thermo Fisher's recently released SpeciMAX kit for raw saliva collection. Both items are separately packed and barcoded, require only 1 mL of saliva, and have standardized 6 mL sizes to fit into downstream automation operations.

The components of the SpeciMAX Stabilized Saliva Collection Kit are made under license from Isohelix, a part of Cell Projects Limited.

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