UK highways to get overhead power lines to charge e-trucks on the move

UK highways to get overhead power lines to charge e-trucks on the move

by Pranali Mehta

UK government cabinet ministers have reportedly announced bold new plans to install overhead electric lines across UK highways to power and charge electric trucks while they drive on the road. This is a part of the UK government's ambitious undertaking to reduce carbon emissions by prohibiting the sale of diesel-powered HGVs in the nation within two decades.

The development of the novel, so-called e-highways, is one of the sweeping proposals made by Prime Minister Boris Johnson to 'decarbonize' homes and transport as the Government looks to demonstrate its green credentials in front of the UN COP26 climate change summit in Glasgow in November.

According to the announcement, by 2035, every new vehicle sold, from motorbikes to compact trucks weighing up to 26 tons, must be a zero-emission model. The largest HGVs would need to be converted in the zero-emission model 5 years after.

The plan is comparable to an experiment that is already underway in Germany, where overhead wires have been installed along a six-mile section of highway. A connector on the vehicle's top connects to the powerlines that supply it with electricity to run the engine and charge the batteries slowly.

The Transport Department of the Government of UK has decided to invest more than £20 million in trial projects to help speed up the changeover. However, it has yet to disclose its paper, which means it is unclear whether the trial is for completely electric or hybrid HGVs, where it will take place, how many miles it will cover, and whether it would be limited to the slow lane.

Grant Shapps, UK Secretary of State for Transport, stated that the plan of transport decarbonization is just the beginning, the nation will require sustained collaboration and efforts to achieve its ambitious goals, which will result in long-term economic growth through healthier communities as UK's people build back greener.

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