UK: Millions of users to pay £43 a year more as Sky TV hikes prices

UK: Millions of users to pay £43 a year more as Sky TV hikes prices

by Pranali Mehta

Sky TV, the British telecommunications and broadcaster firm, has reportedly announced that millions of Sky TV and broadband users in the UK will pay £43 extra each year beginning in April, whereas Sky Mobile users will bear the return of £2-per-day roaming charges throughout the rest of Europe, following the firm's announcement of a string of inflation-busting price hikes.

From April 1, Sky's Essential broadband plan will go up by 10% to £27.50 per month, while its Superfast service will jump by 9% to £30.50 per month.

The firm, having over 12 million users in the UK, stated that starting in April, the average broadband and TV users will pay an extra £3.60 per month, adding that the average increase in the price was below 5%. However, the cost of certain services is increasing by up to 14%.

The announcement broke on the same day that official numbers revealed that inflation in January hit a 30-year high of 5.5%, as prices kept rising across the board.

According to Ofcom, 20% of households in the UK have had a hard time paying their internet, TV, and phone bills in the previous year, with some seeking to terminate services or drastically cutting on necessities like food as well as clothes to make the payments.

Sky stated that the company understands that price hikes are never welcome and that it contemplates keeping the prices as low as possible all the while offering the content viewers love, the option to select the best package, and excellent customer support.

According to the firm, customers' specific increases would be determined by their plan and whether they were under contract. Call rates (UK mobiles and UK landlines) will go up by 2p per minute to 22p, while HD television will increase by £1 to £8 per month.

After 3 May, Sky Mobile will restore £2 per day roaming costs for UK customers visiting the rest of Europe. Because of Brexit, the EU's ban on roaming costs between member nations no longer applies to consumers with UK mobile phones.

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