UK scientist warns the country is in early stages of third COVID wave

UK scientist warns the country is in early stages of third COVID wave

by Nandita Bhardwaj

As per a scientist who advises the UK Government, there are reportedly signs that the United Kingdom is perhaps in the initial stages of a third wave of COVID-19.

Professor Ravi Gupta, University of Cambridge, stated that even though the novel cases were comparatively low, the Indian COVID-19 variant had stimulated exponential growth.

Prof. Gupta added that ending restrictions related to COIVD-19 in England on June 21st must be delayed.

The UK, on Monday, reported about 3,000 novel coronavirus infections for a sixth day in a row.

Before this, the United Kingdom had not exceeded that number since 12th April.

Professor Gupta, stated in BBC Radio 4's Today programme, that the country was now in a third wave of COVID-19 infections and almost three quarters of infection cases were of the variant that was first discovered in India.

The last stage of the UK government’s roadmap for lifting lockdown will remove all restrictions on how many individuals could meet, either outdoors or indoors.

However, Prof Gupta, a member of the NERVTAG, stated that ending COVID-19 restrictions in June should be postponed at least by some weeks while they gather more intelligence.

Meanwhile, council chairman, British Medical Association, Dr. Chaand Nagpaul, stated that the country was at a very crucial moment in its fight against coronavirus and called on the ministers to act with a lot of caution when thinking whether to move ahead with lifting COVID-19 restrictions on 21st June.

An ultimate decision on whether COVID-19 restrictions would be lifted in England would be reached on June 14th.

The Indian variant of COVID-19 named B.1.617.2, is said to spread more rapidly than the Kent variant of COVID-19, which was responsible for the increase in cases across the UK over the winter.

In some places of England, including Canterbury, Chelmsford and Bedford in the South East and Sefton, Blackburn and Bolton in north-west England, the India variant is giving rise to majority of COVID-19 infections.

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