VARCIS, ASTN & GSIC unveils sports tech pre-accelerator in Asia

VARCIS, ASTN & GSIC unveils sports tech pre-accelerator in Asia

by Nandita Bhardwaj

GSIC powered by Microsoft, has reportedly entered into a strategic partnership agreement with Varcis Group Ltd and ASTN to deliver a sports tech pre-accelerator mainly as an global access program in the GBA (Greater Bay Area) and Hong Kong. It would be one of the first ever sports tech pre-accelerator within Asia.

The motive of GSIC is to mainly support sports tech organizations and companies to foster activities and projects that would reinforce the sports sector and would allow people to attain a good quality of life, both as viewers as well as through sports experience.

Phillip King, chairman, VARCIS, stated that the company has worked very hard along with ASTN in bringing GSIC to GBA and Hong Kong for launching a novel GSIC partnership program and start the first ever series of sports technology pre-accelerator within Asia along with gaining their support in setting up an effective Asia sports technology ecosystem.

King further added that the company is thrilled to have GSIC as their partner in the Hong Kong GBA.

Dr Martin Schlegel, Program Manager and Director, ASTN, stated that the ASTN-VARCIS-GSIC pre accelerator offers an innovation program to international sports founders as well as entrepreneurs.

The new 10-week program would support global start-ups, researchers, and entrepreneurs to validate their off-field as well as on-field sports tech related business ideas against that of vendors, VCs, and competitors. In addition to the domain specialists of both GSIC and ASTN, it would further comprise of industry specific experts to support efficient delivery of the program.

The programs goal is to prepare global new start-ups for upcoming sports tech accelerator programs and would likely be presented in four cohorts over a span of two years with the aim to strengthen the scope, universal standing, as well as entry for start-ups in the Asian sports technology market.

Meanwhile, applications for the cohort 1 of this new program are likely to open in 2021 and might commence from second consecutive quarter of 2021. The 10-week program would include two online sessions on a weekly basis.

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