Velodyne Lidar launches India Design Center to improve its global reach

Velodyne Lidar launches India Design Center to improve its global reach

by Nandita Bhardwaj

Velodyne Lidar has reportedly launched a new India Design Center in Bangalore. The new center reflects on the tech company’s commitment to promoting innovation while emerging as a leader in the customer-focused sensor as well as software solutions.

Velodyne Lidar intends to achieve this by promoting smart communities and safe mobility in worldwide markets, cited sources with relevant information.

For those unaware, Velodyne Lidar is known to produce advanced sensors that can potentially monitor and manage the environment in real-time. It is also known to be a prominent entity in autonomous technology.

The newly launched India Design Center’s location in Bangalore will help Velodyne’s recruit some rich talent to develop innovative automotive products to serve the needs of global customers. It will also aid the company to fraternize with other India-based automotive development centers.

The center will be led by Parthasarathy Narasimha who is now the Vice President of Engineering and Managing Director of India Design Center. The India Design Center is currently looking to enhance its team in awareness software, field-programmable gate array, cybersecurity, hardware engineering, functional security, and other areas.

According to Velodyne CEO Anand Gopalan, the new India Design Center will enable the company to hire an advanced engineering team that will also complement the San Jose team’s talent, while continuously pushing for innovation. He added that the group is looking forward to offering safety and innovation to the Indian streets as well as the market.

Velodyne already offers its software and sensors solutions to numerous industrial, automotive, and intelligent infrastructure solutions. The company focuses on providing safer mobility in terms of preventing injuries and saving lives for vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, and other road users.

This unique software and sensors solutions help in providing significant performance, quality as well as the flexibility to cater to the requirements of numerous sectors like UAVs, advanced driver assistance systems, robotics, autonomous vehicles, and smart cities among others.



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