Virgin Media to raise prices by £56 a year for millions of users

Virgin Media to raise prices by £56 a year for millions of users

by Pranali Mehta

Virgin Media, the British telecommunications service provider, is reportedly set to hike the prices of its TV, broadband, and landline services by £5 per month, which is equivalent to almost £56 a year from March 2022.

Cable subscribers will see an average price hike of £4.70 per month, or around 16p each day, effective on March 1st.

In the meantime, starting in April, Virgin Mobile users will see prices rise by January’s rate of RPI along with an additional 3.9%.

Although, until the Office for National Statistics releases its inflation statistic in February, no one will know what this rate is.

Virgin Media explained that since it divides the user's bill into two sections, it only imposes RPI plus 3.9% to the airtime element of their costs for those on Virgin Mobile Freestyle subscriptions, which account for the vast majority of its Pay Monthly users (handset and airtime).

This implies that text, call, and data rates will increase, but the device loan fee will remain the same.

It is compared to companies who sell device mobile and airtime tariffs as a combined plan and apply price increases to both charges.

For now, this cellphone price change does not affect Virgin Media Oomph users.

Customers who are vulnerable, like those on Virgin's Essential broadband plan for Universal Credit recipients and Talk Protected landline users, will not be seeing changes in their tariffs.

Virgin Media will notify all users in the following days to inform them of the planned changes and provide personalized information as to how much their bills will hike.

While rates frequently rise, many customers do not anticipate seeing changes in the middle of a contract.

Virgin, on the other hand, claims that customer usage is increasing and that the price hikes are essential to match that demand.

Virgin has verified that customers who want to avoid these additional fees can cancel their accounts without paying an exit fee.

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