Volkswagen looks to Microsoft for enhancing autonomous capabilities

Volkswagen looks to Microsoft for enhancing autonomous capabilities

by Pranali Mehta

Volkswagen Group has reportedly joined hands with Microsoft to strengthen its abilities in the development of automated driving (AD) solutions. The automaker Group’s subsidiary software company Car.Software Organization will partner with Microsoft to develop a cloud-based Automated Driving Platform (ADP) on Microsoft Azure and exploit its computing and data resources to accelerate delivery of automated driving experiences on a global scale.

Sources knowledgeable with the matter cited that with ADP operating on Azure, the Car.Software Organization will improve the effectiveness of the production of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and AD functions for passenger cars across the brands owned by the Volkswagen Group.

Dirk Hilgenberg, CEO at Car.Software Organization, mentioned that they will accelerate the delivery of secure and convenient mobility services by integrating their experience in the development of connected driving solutions with Microsoft’s expertise in cloud and software engineering.

Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President, Cloud + AI, at Microsoft, reportedly stated that Microsoft Azure's strength and its prowess in computing, data and AI will allow Volkswagen to provide its customers with safe and reliable automated driving solutions at a faster pace.

It is worth noting that ADAS and automated driving vehicles, while reducing congestion and making mobility much more convenient, will also help improve passenger safety. Building these solutions requires computational skills on a wide scale. For simulation, training, and validation of AD functions, petabytes of data from road and weather conditions to obstacle detection and driver actions need to be handled every day.

Together with Microsoft, Car.Software Organization will overcome these challenges by streamlining the developer experience and exploiting the "learnings from miles driven" from one database containing actual traffic information from the vehicles of the Group, as well as simulation data, cited trusted sources.

Volkswagen Group is accelerating the digitalization of automobile with aims to invest around USD 32 billion by 2025, and is also eyeing to increase the share of in-house automotive software creation from 10% to 60%, confirmed sources.

The Car.Software Organization, established last year, will play a key role in the Volkswagen Group's shift to a software-driven mobility provider.

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