Watergen and Al Dhara ink deal to sell ‘water-from-air’ units in UAE

Watergen and Al Dhara ink deal to sell ‘water-from-air’ units in UAE

by Pranali Mehta

Watergen, an innovative water-from-air startup, has reportedly announced that it has inked a new strategic partnership agreement with UAE-based firm Al Dahra, to export and market the Israeli solution across UAE as well as a number of other regional countries.

The said deal was signed Wednesday last week in Abu Dhabi by the president and CEO of Watergen, Michael Mirilashvili, and the co-founder as well as vice chairman of Al Dahra, Khadim Al Darei. The proposed collaboration would target a plethora of different sectors, which includes offices and apartment buildings, agriculture, and hotels and industrial plants, cited Watergen.

The two enterprises had inked a MoU (memorandum of understanding) in Israel back in October, at a time where a high-ranking Al Dahra delegation was visiting the country.

In a statement, Watergen CEO, Mirilashvili stated that through this deal, the companies are effectively showing Israel and UAE, the overall region, as well as the world, what can be possible with the help of peace.

UAE and Israel had normalized their relations back in September, with Bahrain taking the same step with Israel at around the same time, laying down the groundwork for open trade and business ties, where technology is likely to play a crucial role.

Watergen has innovated a new, patented technology that allows the creation of clean drinkable water through a cost-effective as well as energy efficient manner. The technology utilizes an array of filters to essentially purify the air. Following this the air is pumped into the device and then chilled to extract any humidity, then the water that is formed is treated and converted into clean drinkable water.

The humidity and high temperatures seen in the UAE are perfect for the Watergen devices, which boast of a capacity to produce approximately 5,000 liters worth of clean drinkable water on a daily basis, according to the company statement.

Source credit: https://www.timesofisrael.com/watergen-signs-deal-with-uaes-al-dhara-to-sell-water-from-air-units-to-region/

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