Western Europe to experience unusually high temperatures this week

Western Europe to experience unusually high temperatures this week

by Pranali Mehta

Western European countries are reportedly expected to experience anomalous heat waves at the beginning of spring. Over the past few weeks, parts of India and Pakistan have also been experiencing unusually hot temperatures.

In large parts of Europe, temperatures were below normal during April, and wind direction, usually from the northeast, shifted to the south or south-west, resulting in a rise in temperatures.

As the flow of air is from the southern area, temperatures across the western Europe will increase further, effectively causing the maximum daily temperatures during this time to be among the highest in the world. There is a chance that daytime temperatures will surpass 30°C in Spain and France this week, representing irregularities exceeding 10°C above normal.

As per reports, this week, and even toward the weekend, some parts of Iberia and northern Africa will be affected by heat waves. According to reliable weather estimates, in the southern and central parts of Spain, maximum daytime temperatures may reach up to 40°C. Even though these temperatures are not record-breaking, they are still 10°C to 12°C degrees above the average seasonal temperatures.

The heat has led to thunderstorms, which are making their presence felt in the UK.

Meanwhile, destructive flood is affecting certain areas of Queensland in Australia. River levels have continued to rise, peaking over the past few days despite the recent reduction in heavy rains. By the end of this weekend, south-easterly winds are forecast to bring more rain to coastal Queensland, exceeding 100mph.

North-western parts of western Australia are predicted to be extremely windy and wet this week. With 100 to 150mm of rain expected in the next few days, these areas are at high risk of floods.

According to climate experts, these anomalous weather conditions are heralding the arrival of climate change, wherein more extreme weather conditions are expected to hit the earth, creating an acute humanitarian crisis.

Source credit: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2022/may/16/unusually-high-temperatures-to-hit-western-europe-this-week

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